How Does It Work?

Effective therapy requires a strong partnership between client and therapist and every individual has the resources within them that they need to get better. Hypnotherapy gives you access to a very peaceful and relaxing state where ones awareness is heightened, and contrary to popular belief you will not lose awareness or control. It is in this trance like state that the conscious part of our mind is bypassed and we have more access to the subconscious. Here, there’s nothing we can’t begin to overcome.

Hypnotherapy is:

A Natural Treatment

Access to a natural, relaxing and very pleasant state of mind. There are no harmful side effects and it is suitable for everyone.

Proven And Reliable

Studies have shown that hypnotherapy has a higher success rate than other forms of treatment.

Hypnotherapy And Children

Hypnotherapy works well with children as they have such wonderful imaginations and have not learnt to question what is real and what is fantasy in the same way adults have, as adults we apply a much more logical approach. By engaging children’s imaginations behaviours can be changed through the power of suggestion, it is a very positive and pleasant experience, where new positive ideas and attitudes can be introduced replacing negative experiences. It is not as some people view it ‘mind control’ as the child is always aware of what is going on and can wake themselves up at any time if they choose to, but they rarely do as they enjoy the whole experience of visiting a fantasy world which makes hypnotherapy such a useful and successful tool to use with children.


Prices start at £40 for a Hypnotherapy Relaxation Session
Standard Therapy Sessions are £70 per session

Blocks of bespoke session can be arranged and charges for these will vary as each one will be developed specifically for the individual client.
Please give as much notice as possible to avoid paying fees

Of course, I understand that there may be times when due to unforeseen circumstances appointments have to be changed or cancelled

Up to 24 hours there will be no charge

Fees and Cancellation Policy

(Cancellation after 24 hours will be charged at 50% of the full agreed fee)

Less than 12 hours notice failure to turn up for an appointment without contacting me will result in you being liable for the full fee.

After the initial session treatments can be purchased in courses in the agreed appropriate amount of weeks for which a discount will be offered, (however to be eligible for this discount the course must be paid for in full before it begins.)